About Us

In the race to leap the bounds of distance and culture that separated the peoples of the East from those of the West for millennia, mutual trade has become the catalyst. But in the rush to trade, has the pursuit of knowledge of the disparate cultures of East and West taken a back seat? Can the East say it 'knows' the values of individualism cherished by its Occidental trading partners across the Pacific? Can the West boast that it understands eastern Confucianism and its far-reaching impact on all the people of Chination?

Chination is a word coined to express a concept more than a country...an extended nation of Chinese and other Asians who have made the world their home. It is the purpose of Chination and its news site, Chinuz to create a span between the two cultures. In so doing, Chination hopes to facilitate in each sphere a better understanding of the values of the other. Where suspicion, mistrust and enmity may now cloud the transactional atmosphere, the light of knowledge will both comfort and empower the East and West vis-a-vis each another. It is the hope that Chination will play a meaningful role in this noble effort.