Four great buildings to shape Beijing Olympics

Beijing Games architecture: shock and awe

"Bird's Nest"

"The Egg"
Photo: Reuters

"Water Cube"
"CCTV "Z Crisscross"

2008 Beijing Olympics:

Olympics News:

Son of first Chinese Olympian takes up the torch

China denies Olympics ban on drug sales

China’s basketball mission not impossible

Will Olympics become a watershed in China's economy?

Underwater robots to ensure Olympic safety

Spirit of the old and new Beijing

Yao returns as China beats Serbia

Zheng plans double trouble in Beijing

VW to provide 5000 vehicles for the Olympics

Designs for Olympic medal ceremonies

Beijing airport to close on Olympics’ big night

Remote video to monitor food, air at Olympics venues

In China, US facing epic moments

Olympics Special Report

2008 Olympics bid city presentation by Beijing (Moscow, 2001)

"Seven hundred years ago, amazed by his incredible descriptions of a far away land of great beauty, people asked Marco Polo whether his stories about China were true. He answered: What I have told you was not even half of what I saw." - Yang Lan, 2001 in Moscow

Ms. Yang Lan, Ms. Deng Yaping and Mr. Yang Ling (from left to right).
Source: Official website of Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad

Phone Call From China Transformed '84 Games

"People think of the Olympics as a corporate structure. It really is not. It relies on relationships. It relies on trust. It relies on people who can cut through cultural differences and find common ground. That was the brilliance of that program." - Bob Ctvrtlik, a member of International Olympics Committee

Charles Lee, Who persuaded Chinese to defy a Soviet-led boycott of 84 Los Angeles Games

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Tests of Taiwan-China business ties

Hong Kong’s double challenges

Huaxia Bank 90% rise of net profit

China to build two steel plants in Indonesia

China to strengthen fund sales monitoring

Hong Kong earmarks over $1 billion for inflation relief

WTO rules against China and China statement

The tastiest restaurant stock in China

White paper on status quo of drug supervision

Dual success on China economic front

Shares in Asian markets closed higher except China

US optimistic on WTO talks if China leads concessions

China, India agree to cut malaria drug price: Clinton

China economic growth slowest since 2005

China uses Games to showcase energy efficiency

Yuan another record high

How a stronger Yuan could hurt the US

Bank of China may hold huge US debt

China's economy grew 10.4 pct in first half of 2008

Yum boosts guidance helped by China surge

China approved to join ivory trade

Reuters' Update China Digest July 17

WSJ's Best of China blogs July 16

China's inflation falls

Bank of Communications to offer Yuan bond in Hong Kong

12.7 billion Yuan to upgrade farmland

China and the US Presidential Election

Taiwan opposition party warns: “China is not
'Viagra' for Taiwan”

US arms sales to Taiwan: Hopeful?

Or maybe not so?

Taiwan’s KMT Chairman will boycott
Olympics if title changed

Approval rating of Taiwan’s newly elected
President Ma: DOWN

Taiwan’s opposition leader vows to help party
regain fighting spirit

China further promotes bilateral economies with
multiple countries

China bans entertainers who "offend

China's Olympic muddle

The price of ‘Made in China’

Ten things I've learnt about China

From digging for gold to taking it from one’s
own pocket

“Please show more consideration for Africa”

“China is such a threat to US?”

FM press conference on July 17, 2008

Taiwan relaxes control over mainland

China warns against complication of Darfur
issue by ICC move

"First chapter of a new book in Chinese East


Flood is discharged from the Three Gorges Reservoir
through the dam in Yinchang, central China's Hubei
Province, July 5, 2008. The Three Gorges Dam Project
has started discharging water to lower the water level
in the reservoir because of excessive rainfall upstream.
(Xinhua File Photo)

Why ‘Kung Fung Panda’ not made in China?

China confiscates 46 mn illegal publications

Lang Lang drew an audience of 14000 in LA!

Ten questions for Lang Lang

Lang Lang's red piano on auction block for
quake relief fund

Lang Lang:A Life In Music, So Far (NPR

Patriotic Chinese venting on Internet

San Francisco braces for Chinese tourist flood

Russia welcomes quake-affected Chinese

Multilingual Chinese cop ready to serve foreign

WSJ: Best of the China Blogs: July 18

Shortage of talent pushes up salaries in China

China quake pushes farmers towards poverty

Mystery motorcycle death ends in riot

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